File Replication Pro 7.4.0  Released

The New Release

Version  7.4.0  Released May 30, 2017

Fix:  An issue that sometimes caused file deletion when changing job types on the fly has been fixed.

Upgrades:   Installer upgraded to version 17.  Supports Windows server 2016.   

Java upgraded to version 8

Begining with this version it is no longer necessary to manually run the uninstaller for FRP before an upgrade or reinstall. If the old version is 6.3 or newer you may just run the new installer to upgrade.

A number of minor bug fixes are included. A number of other minor bug fixes, and performance improvements were made.

File Replication Pro
If you do not currently own File Replication Pro,  you can price our product and / or order by clicking the button on the right. A license is required for each server or workstation.  Annual support and upgrade assurance is additional.

You may also view some introductory videos HERE.
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Version 7.3.2

Beginning with version 7.0 all the license keys from 6.X and earlier versions will not work with version 7.X upgrades from 6.X or earlier versions  will require all customers who wish to upgrade to have a current support and upgrade assurance contract on every licensed machine. 

This major upgrade will require all customers who wish to upgrade to have a current support and upgrade assurance contract on every licensed machine.  Contact Support to check your status or to update your lapsed contracts.  DO NOT attempt to upgrade without current support contracts already in force,  if FRP is upgraded without current support contracts it will cease to function after the trial period and rolling back to your previous version is not possible, even with your old license keys.

Missed a few upgrades?  Please contact support by email,  click on the button at the right.
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How To Get The New Version

Once your support status is confirmed, FRP 7.3.2 is an easy upgrade for all versions of FRP 6.3.X and higher.  Following our upgrade instructions preserves your jobs and servers list. There are changes in the upgrade process since older versions so be sure to review the updated instructions on our WIKI  

 If your version is before 6.3.0 (this can be seen in the server list on your GUI) you will have to take a different route to upgrade,  ask us about it.

Remember as always,  all of your servers MUST be upgraded to the same version of FRP at the same time to work together.

If you are certain that you have current support and upgrade assurance contracts in place you can download the new release and proceed to upgrade using the instructions linked above. 

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Not only will we give you a fully functional 45-day trial you can test in your own work environment, but we'll also email you with hints and tips throughout your trial period.  No further emails will be sent to you unless you specifically request them.

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