Advantages of Satellite Office Synchronization with FRP:

  • Secure Multi Location Synchronization
  • Real time or scheduled
  • Rapid and Efficient
  • Share between multiple Operating Systems
  • Windows, Linux, Mac & Others
  • Cost effective

Branch Office Sync


Provide a cost effective, secure and real time method for sharing files and documents across multiple offices and locations.


Organizations are increasingly challenged with finding real time, secure and automated solutions to the growing need for teams in different locations to share the most up to date files and documents.

File Replication Pro is used by hundreds of enterprises both large and small, to create a common set of synchronized files among multiple satellite offices, regardless of the file type or operating system they reside on.

Employing real time synchronization technology, File Replication Pro automatically distributes your files and documents to remote sites ensuring that all members of your team have access to the most current versions. At the same time, File Replication Pro overcomes the challenges of efficient synchronization of large files and large sets of files by employing bit level file comparison and multi session synchronization.

Whether you are looking to share some or all of your files between your central and satellite offices, File Replication Pro is the cost effective and secure solution for you.

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