Advantages of Offsite Server Backup with FRP:

  • Real time or scheduled backup
  • Immediate restore capability
  • Bandwidth efficient
  • Bit level copy
  • Multi session
  • Native Operating Systems Support
  • Windows, Linux, Mac & Others
  • Cost effective

Offsite Server Backup


Provide a cost effective offsite server backup to protect your data and ensure rapid availability in the event of a disaster.


While tape backup and local disk backup provide an initial level of security, there is still a need for offsite backup to account for the advent of disasters on-site.

File Replication Pro is used by hundreds of enterprises both large and small, backing up terabytes of data across hundreds of thousands of files of all types. Servers on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Netware, can be backed up to an offsite server or storage device either in real time or on a pre-defined schedule.

Employing 'smart' replication technology, including bit level copy and multi session replication, File Replication Pro efficiently copies large files and large sets of files across your WAN and other networks, while ensuring the integrity, security and rapid availability of your critical data.

Whether you have a wider backup or disaster recovery plan in place and are looking to include an offsite backup component, or you are looking to introduce an offsite backup solution where none exists today, File Replication Pro provides the cost effective and highly reliable solution to offsite backup needs.

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