Real Time File Replication & Synchronization

FileReplicationPro offers you a cross platform solution for real time file replication and synchronization on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Other operating systems we support can offer scheduled replication jobs with intervals as short as 1 minute between jobs.

Sharing and distributing files between servers, is a highly effective capability for IT departments in enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Whether as a cost effective and efficient method for offsite server backup, sharing files between remote offices and business partners or distributing web content, FileReplicationPro is the file replication and synchronization tool in hundreds of enterprises and government organizations today.

While there are many tools in existence for Windows, FileReplicationPro is unique in its native support of Windows, Linux, and MAC OSX as well many other platforms, making it the natural solution for "mixed" server environments.

Real Time Replication

The Real Time Replication feature provides a layer of functionality to FileReplicationPro. Utilizing Filesystem Event Notifications, changes to the files are captured as they occur, allowing changes to be replicated immediately without having to wait until the next scheduled replication. Moreover, with Real Time replication it is not necessary to undergo bandwidth intensive comparisons of the source and destination server file structures ('directory walks') before replicating or synchronizing the changes across the servers. Built and tested to withstand large enterprise levels of activity, the real time replication engine is able to handle thousands of events across millions of files and terabytes of data, ensuring that how ever much activity occurs on your network your servers can remain in synch in real time.

FileReplicationPro for supports ACL and Resource Fork replication as well as many other features including built in scheduling, bit level replication as well as an intuitive GUI and web based management console.

'Mixed' O/S environment?

With support for multiple operating systems including Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, AIX and others, FileReplicationPro is the solution for cross platform replication and synchronization in the complex environments of today's data centers.

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